Profile of Graduates 

What do we expect students to know?

  • How to become self-regulators.
  • How to become independent problem solvers.
  • How to possess foundational skills for reading, math and writing.
  • How to gain leadership skills.  
  • How to gain social and character development.  
  • How to interact easily with technology. 

What do we expect students to be able to do with what they know?

  • Positively interact with peers.
  • Transition successfully to third grade.
  • Excel academically.
  • Be able to compete with their peers.

Cedar Tree Academy

Cedar Tree Academy (CTA) is an early childhood public charter school located in the southeast quadrant of the District of Columbia. We provide children at grade levels Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and Kindergarten access to exceptional learning. Our environment is safe and our highly qualified staff is nurturing and engaging. Our leadership and instructional staff is committed to the academic, social and emotional growth of each and every child in our care.

Why Early Childhood Education

At Cedar Tree Academy, we understand and appreciate the importance of early childhood education. Our exceptional teachers are united in their love for inspiring young minds. At Cedar Tree Academy, children at grade levels Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, and Kindergarten learn life skills that will carry them through the rest of their academic careers. Our top quality early childhood education facility delivers both a place to learn and peace of mind.

How We Got Our Name

Cedar Tree Academy is named as a tribute to the great abolitionist, educator, philosopher and land owner Frederick Douglass. His estate, Cedar Hill, is a national historic site very close to our school.  His home provided the backdrop to his active political and academic life. Like the cedar trees that populate Douglass’ estate, Cedar Tree Academy is strong, well-rooted and a local presence.

Beliefs/Core Values

At Cedar Tree Academy, we believe:

  • All children are continuous learners and learn best when taught based on their learning styles.
  • All children have the right to safety, love, and learning.
  • In teaching the whole child- socially, emotionally, linguistically, physically, and cognitively.
  • That all children have the right to a world-class education.
  • That the partnership between teacher and parents supports the development of the child.

 What qualities or characteristics do we want to demonstrate?

  • Kindness    
  • Confidence   
  • Thirst for knowledge 
  • Respect for self and others 
  • Active Listeners

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Make a Difference

 Every child deserves an excellent education and the opportunity to graduate from college. Your donation to Cedar Tree Academy provides the above-and-beyond programming and supports that are central to our students’ success. Thank you for helping our students rise to and through college.
Cedar Tree Academy students are proving what’s possible for students in the District of Columbia. Our young scholars develop the knowledge, skills, character needed to lead successful lives full of choice and opportunity.