How do I enroll my child at Cedar Tree Academy?

You can begin the enrollment process by creating an account at My School DC, the common application for all D.C. public schools.

Who can attend Cedar Tree Academy?

Cedar Tree Academy is a free, open-enrollment, public school for all District of Columbia residents.

What is the age requirement for Cedar Tree Academy students?

PK3: Must be three by September 30th
PK4: Must be four by September 30th
K: Must be five by September 30th
1st: Must be six by September 30th

What happens if there are not enough available spaces to admit all students that apply to Cedar Tree?

Your child will be entered in a lottery that will determine the order in which seats are offered. Your child will receive preference in the lottery if they have a sibling who is currently enrolled at Cedar Tree. Students who apply for a seat after the lottery takes place will be added to the wait list on a first-come-first-served basis. To increase your child’s probability of attending Cedar Tree, we recommend ranking Cedar Tree as your number 1 choice.

What documentation is required once my child is offered a seat at Cedar Tree Academy?

All students enrolled in public schools in Washington, D.C. must provide proof of D.C. residency. To provide proof of residency, you will need to complete a DC Residency Verification Form and present documents verifying your home address. The full list of acceptable documents can be found at My School DC.

If my child is returning to Cedar Tree, what documents must I provide during the re-enrollment process?

To re-enroll your child at Cedar Tree, you will need to provide proof of DC residency, a signed residency verification form (which will be completed at Cedar Tree), and oral and physical health certificates for your child.